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横山恋愛アカデミー WL-A170
横山恋愛アカデミー WL-A170


(動画)2017 12 04 NMB48のじゃんぐる レディOh! 【松村芽久未・古賀成美・山尾梨奈】


SKE48 was founded based on the concept of “idols you can meet”. The group’s chief producer Yasushi Akimoto once said that his aim was to create an idol group that is unlike any other ordinary idol groups which only give occasional concerts and mostly seen on TV; SKE48 would perform in its own theater regularly, and the fans would always be able to watch the girls performing live. The SKE48 Theater is located in the Sunshine Sakae of Nagoya, Aichi. Members of this group are dispatched into three teams, chronologically named “Team S”, “Team KII” and “Team E”. Kenkyūsei (trainees) is the group of members training to be promoted into one of these teams.





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【欅坂46】東村芽依の可愛い覚醒が止まらない!高本彩花との「SHOWROOM」が相性バッチリな件! 43: 2017/06/29(木) 21:02:52.80 キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━ …


【超絶悲報】HKT6周年開催日の25日夜博多にホテル【HKT48】 1: 47の素敵な(やわらか銀行) (ワッチョイW 5f2d-sHQu) 2017/11/10(金) 21:38:39.46 ID: …

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人工知能によるAKBGのルックス評価をご覧ください・・・ 1: 2017/09/18(月) 11:36:46.95 .net ひどいよ!AIちゃん!(T_T) ttp://runningfriendp …

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メ~テレ「ドデスカ!」でSKE48メンバーが街頭インタビューを受けてたwww ドデスカの全力リサーチにSKE写ったんだが — ざき (@birdstrike1125) 2017年7月11日 ん?ドデス …

(動画)2017/08/04 黒岩 唯(STU48) SHOWROOM

黒岩 唯(STU48) SHOWROOM AKB48SHOWROOM プレイリスト playlist SKE48SHOWROOM プレイリスト playlist NMB48SHOWROOM プレイリス …

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